Why is the Jungle Edge biome considered the rarest in Minecraft?

What is a Jungle Edge biome and why is it considered the rarest in the game?

Jungle Edge can be found on the border of a full-fledged jungle biome. It was introduced to allow smoother transitions between the main jungle and the surrounding area. The vegetation in this biome is vivid and bright, and it is also home to jungle-specific mobs such as parrots and pandas.

However, Jungle Edge only generates under strict conditions, making this biome one of the rarest in the game.

What is a biome characterized by?

Jungle Edge is very close to its main biome, which is the regular jungle, but there are a few notable differences:

  • Even though trees form at the edge of the jungle, they will not be the same gigantic size.
  • Players will not find jungle temples here.
  • There are noticeably fewer plants here than in a regular jungle, but still more than in most other biomes.

What is the reason for its rarity?

There are several factors that affect whether or not the Jungle Edge biome will be generated. They are:

Adjacent biomes

A biome can be generated when the jungle borders a compatible biome. It will not appear if it is a forest or taiga.


The edge of the jungle is really small and can be up to 10 blocks long. The biome does not cover a large area of the whole world in Minecraft and therefore it is statistically more difficult to find.

Bodies of water

The Jungle Edge biome can be overwritten by bodies of water, such as a river, and other landforms, such as a beach. In the case of the Modified Jungle Edge biome (the rarest variant of this area), the jungle would have to be generated near the swampy hills. Due to the fact that both of these biomes are relatively rare, the chance that they will be adjacent to each other is really low.