Interactions with Minecraft villagers that would make the game more immersive

Short clips that show what interacting with the villagers could look like.

Minecraft is a game where the player can do nearly anything. The huge community that deals with game modification can add a lot of new possibilities to the cubic world. However, many fans play the basic version of Minecraft and do not like modifying it. Mojang is expanding its production with regular updates to it, one of which was Village & Pillage, which significantly improved the role of distinctive settlers.

Interact with Minecraft mobs

Despite the fact that villagers play an important role in the world of Minecraft, a player with the nickname winniescreations decided to give them some character as well. In addition to remaking the library to make the rack layout more realistic, he made the mob react to different player behaviors.


This is not the only Minecraft character to have been affected by these types of changes by the aforementioned user. In another clip he shared with the community, you can see the witch’s brand new house and her attachment to the black rose that resides in the pot.


The characteristic behavior of mobs has been implemented with the help of commands that allow you to do a lot. Villagers with whom you could interact other than trading would certainly add a huge variety to the gameplay, but fans shouldn’t expect these kinds of novelties to be introduced to Minecraft.

The creators have a specific plan for the development of the game, and due to the fact that the update of the villagers has already taken place relatively recently, they are unlikely to receive other fixes in the near future.