A collaboration that certainly no Minecraft player expected. With whom?

Will new footwear come to Minecraft? Who will the game’s developers collaborate with?

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, and more than 10 years after its release there is practically no person who has not heard of it. Characters known from the cubic world even appear in the most popular supermarkets whether in the form of small figurines or Lego sets.

To date, a huge number of brands have taken up partnerships with Minecraft’s creators, but certainly, few expected some of the most iconic Minecraft-related flip-flops.

Crocs x Minecraft

Minecraft’s official profile has posted about a collaboration with some of the most recognizable flip-flop manufacturers, Crocs. One of them is a video showing a character from Minecraft wearing distinctive the footwear.

Players are wondering if anything related to this collaboration will eventually be added to the game. The video above may have been created purely to advertise the collaboration, although it is not impossible that in the near future Crocs-related items, whether in the form of an easter egg or actual “armor,” will make their way into Minecraft.

The retailer’s website features footwear associated with a number of well-known brands – most of which boil down to small elastic pins that can be placed on the flip-flops, although there is also no shortage of more elaborate designs, such as those from the world of Pokemon.

The Minecraft flip-flops will be released on February 16. It may then be revealed whether the game’s developers have any plans for adding Crocs in the cubic world.