A clever way for one of the Minecraft players to light a campfire with a cute little flame

One player shared a simple way to make a campfire with a smaller flame.

Minecraft practically does not limit players in any way, and their creativity has surprised even the designers from Mojang more than once. You can show your creativity in Minecraft in many ways. Some share amazing structures or even entire projects, others build complex redstone mechanisms, and other people create small decorations that, contrary to appearances, are not so easy to design.

One such thing can be a fireplace that does not have a standard-size flame. How has this been achieved?

How to make a unique bonfire?

A user with the nickname JeneConar shared a relatively short clip, which fully shows what a unique campfire with a smaller flame looks like and how it can be built. It will be important to use an armor stand, which is often found in this type of small structures. In addition, there are blocks such as Magma Block, lava, or a key campfire, among others.


The player dug a pit two blocks high, placed a rack in it, and then poured lava on the pit. Then he placed a plunger that allowed the block to be pushed in to cover the place where the rack was located. Eventually, he could put up a fire that he put out so that the only visible flame would be the one that came from the armor rack.

As you can imagine, an extinguished fire will not function like a lit fire, but it has its other advantages. You can run on it freely, and above all, it is great decoration.

However, you should watch out for blocks and other objects that are susceptible to fire. The lava that the rack must be in can cause an undesirable fire. In the comments, you can find comments about turning off the fire spread function. To do this, just type the command /gamerule doFireTick false.