Minecraft broke a milestone on Youtube. The website has prepared a special video on this occasion

YouTube reported that Minecraft has already been viewed a billion times.

It’s hard to find a second game like Minecraft in the history of computer games. It is eagerly played by both the youngest and the older gamers who show their creativity.

In addition, the game itself gives a great field for creators who come up with many challenges, tasks, build amazing mechanisms, create music videos, and much, much more.

Minecraft viewed a billion times

The Mojang game appeared in 2009 and grew in popularity rapidly. Since then, it has been pleasing to the next generations of players who often return to production regularly even after several years. The community’s interest is also enjoyed by the creators of Minecraft, whose regular videos are watched hundreds, if not even millions of times, 12 years after the game’s premiere.

Now it’s officially announced that the title has already been viewed 1 trillion times on YouTube alone, which is truly an amazing result. On this occasion, a video was released showing the most important moments in the life of the community.