A surprising Minecraft texture pack worth seeing. The game gets a fresh and unique look

A cartoon texture pack that looks so good that many players mistook it for the drawing.

Minecraft is a game where the most characteristic element is certainly the world made of a virtually unlimited number of cubes. There is a huge amount of different blocks in the game, and the texture of the packs can change what each of them looks like. Some focus on building an incredibly realistic world, boosting the resolution of graphics to really high numbers.

Pack texture styles can be distinguished by a lot and practically everyone can find something for themselves, but there are some packs that attract the attention of a wider group of players.

This time the pack is characterized by an amazing cartoon-like appearance. On the surface, it may not seem very impressive, but after seeing the first screenshots, you can quickly change your mind. The characteristic appearance of mobs, blocks, and other objects makes texture pack something special.

Tooniverse texture pack

Tooniverse is a pack by a user with the nickname Daft-Vader. On Reddit, he shared some screenshots and a link that allows you to download a texture pack. There are 3 texture resolutions available – the 64x version is completely free, while for 128x and 256x you have to pay small sums of $ 3 and $ 5 respectively.

On the official website of the project, you can find a trailer texture pack and a slider that compares the game world without the package with the one after installing it.


Below are some screenshots that the author of the mod shared with the community.

The cartoon texture pack is a great match for Minecraft and appeals to many users. Many of them do not believe that they are still looking at the Minecraft they know and admit that they thought it was just high-quality fan art.