You can play Minecraft for several years without seeing this mob. Less than 000 001% chance of seeing it…

In Minecraft, there are sometimes really rare situations, including meeting selected mobs.

Minecraft offers many different types of mobs. Some of them are very common and we will find them in every game, others are very unique. There is an incredibly small chance of seeing this one:

This value is so small that there are players who have never seen it and have been playing for several years.

The rarest mob in Minecraft?

It is one of the varieties of the chicken rider, i.e. a combination of a small zombie (or a peasant zombie or a zombified piglin and a chicken). Meeting him with all the diamond armor and iron sword is currently rated as the rarest when it comes to mobs spawns.

The appearance itself is quite strange, and many people will find it difficult to believe that something like this actually exists. And yet you can meet such chicken riders, although it will be extremely difficult.