When to use specific pings in LoL? Are you using them wrong? – a guide from Riot

How should pings be used in League of Legends? A short guide from Riot.

Pinging in games is one of the forms of communication with the team. It is not always possible to provide important information by writing in the chat, and not every player likes to talk to strangers in the lobby using their voice (for games with built-in voice chat). Pings can make it a lot easier. They are intuitive and simple to understand and are just a few clicks away.

The games have various ping systems. Depending on the title, other things can be communicated, e.g. the direction you are going, enemy spotted, first aid kits, threat, or collectibles. League of Legends is no different. Players can inform the team that they need help, are going to a certain place, or that there is no opponent in their line.

But is such a simple ping system used correctly? Riot decided to share a short guide with the community.

LoL ping guide

There has been a lot of talk about League of Legends lately, mainly due to the premiere of the series Arcane. Riot titles have attracted a lot of new players who do not know how to find themselves in the extensive world of Runeterra. New people may be overwhelmed by a huge number of heroes, items, and mechanics. However, with the right help, understanding the principles of LoL isn’t that hard.

The ping guide was created for the mobile version of the game – League of Legends: Wild Rift, but a lot of advice will definitely be useful in the PC version. The short cutscene shows Lux who does not inform that there is no opponent on the line. Meanwhile, hostile Zed goes to the top and after a while kills Garen who is there. The guide explains that Lux should use the “Missing enemy” ping so that her ally would be ready for a possible threat.


Wild Rift has a set of pings that are very similar to the PC version. In both games, you can find the one for missing enemy, information about going in a given direction, or that the opponents have a vision in a specific place. Of course, there are many more pings and each of them should be used at the right moment.

New players should not be afraid of using pings, because as you can see – they are very useful and allow you to give important information in a split second.

Whether you’re playing League of Legends on PC or Wild Rift on mobile, remember that communicating with your team is essential.