LoL players have solved the greatest mystery of the mysterious character from Arcane? It will be a skin for…

Arcane introduced many very interesting threads. One of them concerns the character of the “owl”.

Arcane hides several different secrets and matters that have not been fully explained at the moment. From the very first trailers of the series, a lot of speculation was about the mysterious figure of the owl.

It has been speculated that this may be a new character. Finally, Riot revealed a while ago that two new heroes are headed to LoL. Everyone was focused on somehow connecting the owl with the announcements of the studio.

Many of the theories were a bit far-fetched, but the one that he might be a new character is still plausible. However, a completely different idea is emerging on the web.

Who is this owl?

Players realized that the owl had many smaller elements in common with Ekko.

It is mainly about symbols. Normally, no one would pay attention to it, but it’s possible that Ekko is indeed the one we’re talking about here. What does it mean?

There is a good chance that it will also affect the regular LoL. How? Ekko may receive owl skins in the future, of course, named “Arcane Ekko”.