Singed from League of Legends needs an update? Players think it should be like in Arcane

The LoL community suggests Singed should get a visual rework.

Singed is a hero who joined Summoner’s Rift on April 18, 2009. Most people know him very well, although it cannot be said that he is an exceptionally popular figure. The champion has had his bad and better days, and today he is a niche figure that doesn’t even have a 2% pick rate.

However, the interest in Singed is slowly growing, all thanks to the Arcane series. Why?

Przypominamy, że informacje o dramach nie zawierają żadnych opinii, przedstawiają jedynie fakty, cytaty i streszczenia tego, co mówią obie strony.

This article contains spoilers for the two Arcane acts (episodes 1-6). [/ drama]

Singed from Arcane – this is what he should look like in LoL?

Initially, not all viewers noticed that Silco’s assistant from the first episode of Arcane was Singed. It wasn’t explicitly mentioned, but observant fans noted that the hero was mentioned in the credits. Over time it became obvious as the champion returned in Act 2 (after experiencing an explosion in his lab in Episode 3) and got more attention in it.

What can be said about Singed from the series? He is a sullen, reticent old man who conducts experiments in his laboratory. For years he cut himself off from people and worked in a mysterious cave that Viktor discovered when he was still a child.

Singed is a really interesting character and his style is perfect for the mad scientist from Zaun.

What is known about Singed from lore?

Singed is an alchemist of unrivaled intelligence who has devoted his life to expanding the limits of knowledge at any cost. He himself paid the highest of them – he went crazy. Is there a method in his madness? His potions are rarely shoddy, but many feel that Singed has lost his sense of humanity and leaves a trail of suffering and terror wherever it goes.

It is known from longer stories that Singed discarded all moral principles and was able to torture the objects of his research. The best example is Warwick, who endured unimaginable suffering in the mad scientist’s laboratory.

According to many fans, the very concept of the Zaun madman is great and should be developed. Unfortunately, Singed from Summoner’s Rift does not match the great image of the series in any way.

One of the players wrote:

After watching arcane I think Singed is in desperate need of a visual update. Singed in the lore / show is a heartless monster and a cruel mad scientist who’s only goal in life is achieving physical perfection and expanding his knowledge further .

He has no morals at all , made warwick , and many more chimera of zaun , has worked for many evil chem barons and noxus and invented dangerous drugs and chemicals , he even participates in mass murder and human experimentation on the regular

Then I open league and find a homeless man flipping people over his shoulder while laughing hysterically

It is worth mentioning that Singed is a hero who has few lines of dialogue, and most of them say nothing about his character. You can hear “Shuffle, shuffle, change, shuffle …” or “I’m coming!” During the game. It looks really poor compared to champions who have dozens of extensive statements, including some directed to other characters. The hero does not say anything to any opponent, so there is no possibility of mentioning plot connections (which, as you know, is very liked by players).

According to some of the champion’s abilities, they also poorly reflect his dark history. Admittedly, spraying toxic gas quite well captures the theme of poison and chemicals, but it may seem frivolous to toss over the enemies you run towards if it is done by an older mad scientist.

Of course, one cannot forget that there is also a group of people who say that Singed should not change because he has always been “the type that goes around throwing people around”.

While I agree with you, it’d be weird to change him (even visually). It made sense with Fiddlesticks to change him from the memestick to an actual horror, but Singed has always been that dude that waddles around and flips people around. It’d be odd to hear a man mutter his war crimes, then chuck a squirrel over his shoulder while cackling immensely.