The real reason Faker dropped out of school. It was smarter than it sounds

Gifted players often face a difficult choice: school or professional games. In the case of Faker, it was about something else.

Faker is by far the most popular LoL player in the world. Despite this, many people know virtually nothing about him except that he plays the production of Riot and is doing well in it. A large proportion of gamers are not even aware that Faker dropped out of school years ago.

Theoretically, it seems fully understandable. The player wanted to focus on a professional career. Interestingly, however, it was not just about that. Quitting school was a better idea than it seems.

Why did Faker drop out of school at such a young age?

Faker dropped out of high school in 2013. Today the player is 25 years old, so he decided to leave his education quite early. And although it was about SKT, among other things, there was another reason.

Today it is known that, for example, Khan who plays for DWG will have to stop playing for 18 months. On his stream, he confirmed that he will start compulsory military service in June 2022. In South Korea, all men are required to complete 18 months of service.

And here comes the reason why Faker quitting school was smarter than it seems. He somehow circumvented the regulations and did not have to join the army. It turns out that people without a high school diploma do not qualify for service. There is, however, a catch.


Faker may still be forced to serve. In 2020, the regulations have changed, according to which the lack of a diploma does not matter. The situation with this is quite complicated, but according to what is generally available, Faker got the grade “4”, something like “A”, “B”. So he was safe for five years, then he will be classified again.

If he is awarded a high grade, he will have to appear in the military. This topic is vague as it is not known when the “4” was assigned. Probably at the time of the change of regulations, i.e. in 2020. If so, Faker is completely safe for 4 more years.