The LoL player has been collecting all free drops for 5 years. That’s how much he got for free

One of the players decided to do something that would be unrealistic for most people.

Every LoL player knows that Riot quite often gives away capsules, orbs, or other random items from which you can get skin fragments, heroes, emotes, icons, and much more. Virtually every event, there are new themed Orbs and other miscellaneous items that can be obtained from missions or unlocked in the Hextech Workshop.

These types of drops are incredibly tempting because until the last minute the player hopes that they will drop something that they have been waiting for a long time. And as you know – the randomness can be really surprising and many LoL fans received their dream skin or icon from these capsules.

No wonder that hardly anyone keeps their items for later. Lots of people adopt the big opening tactic at the end of a specific event. Others spend the accumulated tokens immediately. However, it turns out that there is someone who has been holding event drops for several years.

Amazing collection of one of LoL players

A player with the nickname ifailedmyhighschool has posted a short video where he shows his collection in a hextech workshop. As he admitted – he collected all prizes from the events since 2016. For a large part of the LoL community, such a collection is almost unreal. The author of the film had to resist temptation for almost 6 years. It is hard to imagine how interesting cosmetic accessories are hidden in collected capsules, boxes and orbs.


Some commentators admitted that they expected the author of the film to make a huge opening, but as you can see above – it did not happen. For some, it may be disappointing, because they got used to all LoL openings that have been created for years, incl. on Youtube.