A spectacular action by Nidalee from League of Legends that no one expected

One of the streamers boasted about an interesting game in LoL.

Lots of League of Legends videos appear online every day. Players boast about pentakills, spectacular escapes or clever 1v1 opponent outplays.

One of the streamers who beat their opponents during the broadcast, playing Nidalee, also boasted about her performance. The girl was really pleased with it, so she shared it with a wider group. What exactly happened in that match?

Interesting action performed by Nidalee

A 24-year-old streamer named Sarellan shared the recording of her match. The girl posted an excerpt from one of the games, incl. on Reddit and Twitter with the caption: “Best Nidalee move I’ve ever done.” The title itself can be quite interesting.

The clip is very short as it doesn’t even last 30 seconds. At the very beginning, you can see how Nidalee from the blue team is walking through the opponents’ jungle. After a while, she is attacked by Malphite and Nami. The enemies quickly let go, and when the jungler leaves Zhonya, she begins to chase Nami. Here, the streamer showed a quick reflex and flashed the opponent’s ult to get the kill after a while.

This, of course, is not the end. Sett from the red team was in the bot lane. In his case, the situation was much easier. He was surrounded and quickly collapsed, giving Nidalee the double kill.


Many commenters appreciated the streamer’s performance, saying that fighting Nami looked really impressive.

Although this time the presented video did not show penta or quadra, it must be admitted that such plays are always enjoyable and the player has great satisfaction that he was able to react in a timely manner to the opponent’s movements.