Another collaboration related to League of Legends. This time it’s Aim Lab x Arcane

Another collaboration related to the animated series from LoL has been announced.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Arcane, a series that takes place in the League of Legends universe, but also about the fact that Riot is working with more and more companies. Players begin to joke that soon Arcane characters will be literally everywhere. So far, it has been announced that the Jinx skin will be coming to Fortnite, and the heroes of the series will be available in PUBG Mobile and Among Us.

In addition to games, Riot production is also promoted in many other industries. The creators collaborated with producers of popcorn, chocolate, and fast food. There were also rumors of potential collaboration with the Fenty Beauty cosmetics company.

It turns out that the Arcane theme will go to one more place. This time it’s about the Aim Lab title.

Aim Lab x Arcane

There is information on the network that Arcane will come to the next title. This time it’s about Aim Lab released by Statespace. What is the mentioned title? As described on Steam, this is a training tool for players looking to improve their fps game performance. The title is in beta and is still being developed.

The best training tool for FPS/TPS games: Aim Lab combines cutting-edge performance tracking and analysis systems with machine learning to make players better and faster.

On the official Aim Lab Twitter, there was information that the developers have started working with Riot. The short trailer shows that the training tool will receive a map referring to the shooting range from the second episode of the Arcane series.


The game is available for free on Steam.