Rekkles is joining a new team in LoL and you didn’t expect to see him there

One of the top ADC players has just been announced to be joining the new team.

Last season, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson left Fnatic and joined G2 Esports to win the World Championship. Unfortunately, the team failed even to qualify for the tournament and the organization announced that there was no room for him next season.

Now it turns out that he will end up on a team that you might not have even heard of if you are not very interested in esports. Namely, it is about the French team Karmine Corp.

Rekkles changes the team

Rather, everyone knew that Martin Larsson would not be playing for G2 Esports next season. Fans expected him to return to Fnatic or join another ambitious team from the LEC or LCS. He, however, went to Karmine Corp, which was officially confirmed.

How much did the organization pay for the player? One million euros as for the transfer amount and one million for a two-year contract already in the player’s pocket, i.e. half a million for each year. Interestingly, the organization had planned it before, but nobody took it seriously. A year ago, Karmine CEO “Kameto” was asked what he would do if he had a lot of money. The man laughed and replied that he would buy Rekkles, and that was exactly what happened.