What’s the new splash art of reworked Udyr from League of Legends? They look really good

New graphics showing Udyr rework in the LoL client. How do they look?

League of Legends fans have already learned about the refreshed Udyr’s skill set. Champion now has completely new skills, models, and refreshed versions of graphics that are visible, among others, in the client.

Although the gameplay and the appearance of the champion in the game were revealed a few days ago via the official video, players could not get a good look at his splash art. What do the graphics look like?

New Udyr Artwork

The champion in question appeared in League of Legends in 2009. The Champion’s skill set was already far below today’s standards, and players, through one of Riot’s recent polls, decided that he would be the next champion to update and receive a VGU.

One of the improved elements are graphics.

Classic skin

Black Belt Udyr

Primal Udyr

Spirit Guard Udyr

Definitely Not Udyr

Dragon Oracle Udyr