The rewards for a LoL event will only be awarded after its end? The players are really pissed off

The problems with the Star Guardian event are endless. The community is slowly getting fed up with it.

The Star Guardian event was to be the highlight of this year’s vacation. Unfortunately, everything went wrong, because for a long time players do not receive tokens for their missions, the list with tasks for loading problems, and the visual novel in the client – if it can be turned on – freezes the computer for many people.

There are a lot of problems, and the fans are despairing because they would like to get as many tokens as possible from the pass for which they spent money. Riot tries to calm the community, but it doesn’t quite succeed. The players are getting more and more annoyed.

Problems with the Star Guardian event

A few days ago, Riot Games support announced that the prizes will be awarded to players after some time, so fans should be patient.

Hours passed, and then whole days, and the players did not get the tokens that should appear on their accounts.

There is a post on Reddit in which one of the people says that yes, the prizes will be awarded as they should, but only after the event is over.

You will only be able to claim your rewards AFTER the event ends.Oświadczenie z brazylijskiego profilu League of Legends:

“We’re sorry to inform you that delayed rewards can only be received AFTER the Star Guardians 2022 event has ended.

We are working hard to ensure that no players are penalized and that players can claim all available rewards and trades during the event. We apologize for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate everyone’s understanding.”

The commentators did not hide their dissatisfaction and strongly criticized Riot’s behavior. One of them wrote:

How is that supposed to work? First there are progress rewards for main Star Guardian Story and progressing characters, then we have all the token missions, repeatable and one time only. Are we supposed to manually count how many we did to ensure we get all the tokens and nothing disappears when they finally “grant” them? Better question – are we sure 6 days is enough for all the backlog tokens to be granted between end of event and when the shop is closed/tokens expire?

Another player wrote:

My friend paid 15$ for this event for the limited time Ekko Prestige skin. In this 6 Week event, that we are 5 weeks into, the event has been non functional for 1 week. that’s 20% of the overall time of the event so far.

There are not one, but TWO exclusive prestige skins locked behind the pass paywall, which appears to not even be working in tracking missions for many players.

If there isn’t compensation for the people who bought the pass or an extension I’ll be shocked. This is borderline illegal. With so much of the event being inaccessible or non-functional I just don’t see how many people can achieve both prestige skins. Sucks if you paid 15 bucks.

Of course, there were many more comments, and some players were so upset that they just insulted Riot. Some say it’s hard to believe that the event the creators worked on for so long turned out to be such a flop.