What role is most often chosen by the best LoL players from KR, NA and EUW servers?

Which role is most popular with the top players from the three League of Legends servers?

As you know, the game has 5 roles that correspond to where a given team member will go at the beginning of the game. The bottom lane is the place for ADC and support, the middle is taken by the mid laner, and the top lane – top laner. The last role is a jungle, which in the initial phase of the game is mainly about cleaning camps.

As you can guess, individual roles are not as popular. The statistics changed over the years and there were moments when the least popular position was e.g. support. What does it look like now, if we look at the best LoL players from specific servers? Where do they most often play, and thus – which role is the most popular among them?

Role popularity with top players

One LoL fan thought he would be looking at the top 50 players from KR, NA, and EU servers. He decided that he would write down the most frequently chosen roles and thus check which of them are the most popular in relation to the server.

So I was bored and was curious to see the distribution of roles that players play in the top 50 of each of these regions. So as of 1/3/2022, I went onto and manually clicked to see each player in the top 50 and what their most played role was, and recorded the frequency of each role.

Most Frequent Roles in Top 50 Korea:

  • Support: 15
  • Jungle: 11
  • Mid: 11
  • Top: 7
  • ADC: 6

Most Frequent Roles in Top 50 North America:

  • Mid: 15
  • Jungle: 13
  • Support: 10
  • Top: 7
  • ADC: 5

Most Frequent Roles in Top 50 Europe West:

  • Top: 14
  • Jungle: 13
  • Mid: 10
  • Support: 7
  • ADC: 6

The player noted that the statistics collected by him will not show which role is the most popular on the server, because he took into account too small a pool of players, but his observations can be treated as a curiosity. From the statistics given above, it can be seen that the top players are the least likely to play the role of the shooter. It’s also interesting that regardless of the region, jungle always came second.

How similar statistics were in the 2021 season? Another player summarized them and his calculations were as follows:

  • NA
    • jungle: 13
    • mid: 11
    • top: 10
    • support: 10
    • ADC: 6
  • EUW
    • top: 13
    • jungle: 12
    • mid: 12
    • ADC: 7
    • support: 6
  • KR
    • support: 12
    • mid: 11
    • jungle: 10
    • ADC: 9
    • top: 8

In the overall summary, jungle and mid were the most popular. On the other hand, ADC is the worst, followed by support.