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Soon there will be new cinematics from LoL and Valorant. What is known about this?

Posts have been made that suggest that new cinematics related to Riot games are coming.

Riot Games productions are known not only for their huge and creative community, colorful characters, or interesting gameplay but also for great cinematics that can take your breath away.

League of Legends-related videos are usually of an incredibly high standard, and their creators pay attention to the smallest details. Cinematics are also accompanied by well-chosen music and dialogues.

The latest entries that appeared on the Internet suggest that Riot Games fans will soon receive new animations. What is known about this?

New cinematics from Valorant and League of Legends

Axis Studios is a company that creates animations related to computer games, movies, and more. The studio has created many music videos and trailers that many people probably recognize.

A new post has appeared on the company’s official Twitter account that mentions returning to work after Christmas and New Year’s Eve and has a short video of Valorant’s heroes attached.

We’re looking forward to getting back with the team tomorrow and making some awesome projects.

Bring on 2022!

The posted animation lasts only 4 seconds and shows famous characters from the Riot Games shooter – Jett, Cypher, Viper, Phoenix, and Yoru.


The second preview is a cinematic from League of Legends, which will be called “The Call”. A thumbnail of the video showing Pantheon has been released.

The premiere of the animation will take place on January 7, the day the season 2022 starts.

Many LoL players find in the title of the new cinematic a reference to various characters from the game. “Call of Power” is the name of another League movie that was released on July 26, 2018. The main character of the animation was Ryze.

Another reference could be to “Call of the Forge God”, which is the name of Ornn’s ultimate.

One player also suggested that it might be an abbreviation of “Call of the Abyss”, which would refer to the Void in LoL. Many fans say there are quite a few indications that a Void event will take place this year (see: Why are LoL players predicting a Void event in 2022?).