There is a bug in LoL that allows you to kill yourself. How does it look like?

A unique situation in League of Legends made possible thanks to a bug.

You can find a lot of bugs in League of Legends. Some of them can at best make you laugh, and some have a really big impact on the outcome of the game. While in most cases it is difficult to talk about the frequent problems of regular games on Summoner’s Rift, players regularly point out the bugs they encounter. What’s more, even professional players experienced bugs in the games broadcast live.

This time, the bug affected Leona – one of the popular support characters. It allows her to attack herself, which is definitely not something you see in League of Legends every day.

How can Leona kill herself?

Most LoL fans certainly know of Vandiril’s channel, which focuses on presenting and describing bugs that can be found in the game. The most recent one discusses a problem you may encounter while playing Leona.

Youtuber noted that the heroine somehow can get Lethal Tempo stacks by using Q on the turret, even though the rune should only charge when an enemy champion is attacked. He then discovered that when a character uses an ability and performs an attack, the code implements it in such a way that Leona attacks herself. In combination with, for example, Stormrazor, Leona is able to damage herself and ultimately die.


The bug can be used to earn gold for self-elimination, and while no one would rather try to recreate it in a regular game, it’s an interesting phenomenon. The error is probably because Leona is already an older character in League of Legends. Game code that was once much simpler and worked differently may now conflict with newly implemented features.

The designers will likely look at the problem and fix it, but it’s not harmful enough to disable the heroine immediately until it is fixed.