Two teams lost a ranked game, but no one lost their LP. A bizarre LoL bug that may appear more frequently

A dangerous bug in LoL that loses a winning game.

In League of Legends, players quite often encounter various anomalies and strange errors. Usually, they concern a client or a specific character, but this time 5 players, instead of gaining LP, did not get any point.

All because they did something that virtually every player does after the match is over. It turns out, however, that it can have a really serious effect, and that way you may accomplish the impossible by making two teams lose the game.

Lose a won match

Probably everyone knows about frequent bugs in the Riot client. They also happen directly in the game, but they are fixed relatively quickly. However, it’s hard to come across something as unpleasant as losing a won game, right after destroying your opponents’ Nexus.

The case concerns a streamer by the name of lightrocket2. He tweeted that after the destruction of the Nexus, both teams used the ALT + F4 hotkey, and the Riot system… broke down and decided that both teams had lost.

If we look at, we will actually see that both teams lost, which was impossible so far.

The player’s client also showed that he lost 16 LPs for this encounter, which must have been a really unpleasant surprise.

The well-known bug hunter Vandiril caught the attention of the whole thing. He searched the profiles of both the players of the blue team (which should win) and the red team. Interestingly… none of them lost their LP. Streamer lightrocket2 had 241 LPs before the game and after the game, as we can see, it continued to show 241 points.

This means that in League of Legends if everyone quits the game during the Nexus Destruction animation, the game will show that both teams lost, but no one will lose LP. You can’t comment on such a situation in any other way than with the famous text “200 years of experience”.