Former LoL esports player and Worlds winner has been arrested for drug smuggling

The former professional League of Legends player has been arrested by the police.

On September 29, Taichung District Police detained Curtis “Toyza” Lau Wai-kin, a prominent League of Legends professional player, on drug trafficking charges.

The Chinese LoL player is known to many for winning the World Cup with his team in the past. What exactly happened?

Professional player arrest

According to the Taichung District Attorney’s Office, the former League of Legends professional player’s home was searched and Curtis Lau Wai-kin was interviewed and drug tested. The player was accused of drug trafficking. During a search of the mansion, marijuana was found, along with evidence that suggested it was going to be sold.

Under the Taiwan Drug Risk Prevention Act, marijuana is classified as an illegal Class 2 drug. People who intend to distribute a Class 2 drug face up to seven years in prison and fined up to five million Taiwanese dollars (approximately $ 180,000).

The matter quickly spread across the internet. Toyz is a well-known LoL player with various achievements. In the second season of the World Championship, together with the Taipei Assassins team, he managed to win the title of the World Champion.

Midlaner has had a really interesting career in esports. Not only did he play great and achieve successes, but he also trained well-known teams such as Fnatic. He appeared on the stage as a player in 2011-2013 and 2015 and was a coach until 2019. He retired from sports for the first time in 2013, which was caused by problems with his wrist. He returned to playing after two years.

Outside of his esports career, Toyz tried his hand at YouTube. His channel currently has almost 700,000 subscribers.

So far, it is not known why the former League of Legends coach and player got involved in drug trafficking. The case has been brought to court and the player is currently detained awaiting further proceedings.