Nerfs aimed at PRO meant that this hero is currently losing the most games in all of LoL

Nerfs from a few weeks ago worked so well that this is the worst character in terms of the number of games won.

Riot made it clear that Worlds require some compromises. The changes introduced to LoL during the World Cup are very much dictated by the professional scene. Therefore, sometimes there are situations in which the theoretically average, or even weak in SoloQ hero gets nerfs instead of buffs.

This is exactly what happened in patch 11.19 with Ryz, who got nerfs instead of buffs expected by the community. The nerf obviously worked and this is the character who loses the most games at this point.

Ryze new TOP 1, but not in a very positive meaning

There were at least a few contenders for the TOP 1 in the worst winrate, but Ryze has beaten them all. It is known that statistics from “third parties” will never be incredibly accurate, but they all show the same – Ryze wins the least often at the moment.

Even Korea is not saving the situation. Despite a slightly different TOP 5 than in the world, Ryze is always at the top.

Nerfs are likely to be changed in the future. Perhaps not undone, but the character may be buffered. At the moment, however, this is out of the question. Ryze did not appear in the early notes for patch 11.20.