Some interesting Easter Eggs in the new Burn It All Down music video – the Worlds 2021 anthem

The new video for the 2021 World Cup has some interesting secrets.

A dozen or so hours ago, a new anthem of this year’s Worlds hit YouTube. It presents a fight between players who play as their favorite characters.

As it happens with Riot Games, the animation contains a lot of interesting surprises that are invisible at first glance. However, if we know the history of professional players and follow their progress, we should see them.

Easter Eggs

Virtually every of the new music videos for the anthem of the biggest event in League of Legends is steeped in curiosities. They are about the lives of players, different characters, and their achievements. Therefore, players who are not interested in it are unlikely to notice them, but what they are fans for. Here are some fun facts about Bur It All Down.

The car registration has the total K/D/A number of the JackeyLove during BO5 in the 2018 final. The screen shows the game TES vs SN (second game) from 2020.

The shadow on the right is similar to the shape of the band on Uzi’s back.

The number 777 probably refers to the player Clearlove (7).

2018 and 2019 are designated at the LPL training center, and that’s when players from that region won the Championship.

JackeyLove meditating in a room with Draven’s axes.

On the right and left are the trophies won by the LPL.

Showmaker picks Syndra, but Katarina is shown on the right, although she is not in his pro champion pool. This is a reference to the fact that before becoming a pro gamer, she was his one trick.