Players are complaining about URF once again. “Mode without random characters is only fun for tryhards”

Players are again complaining about Riot’s choice and adding URF instead of ARURF.

For some time now, one of the most popular Ultra Rapid Fire rotation modes, URF, has been available on the official League of Legends servers. Skill cooldowns are virtually non-existent and players don’t have to worry about mana as it is infinite.

However, there are problems here that are complained about by a large part of the community. Namely, it’s about the ubiquitous tryhard. Many people choose such characters on purpose to finish the game quickly, not to have fun.

Tryhard on URF

Riot Games decided that again, instead of ARURF, or All Random Ultra Rapid Fire, where character selection works similar to ARAMs and everything is done randomly, they will allow players to take whatever they want. Consequently, many of them take such champions to finish the game quickly.

Therefore, instead of having fun, many people just tryhard and others don’t understand why the developers have once again agreed to something like this.

Additionally, if we want to experiment with something, it’s hard to win against builds designed specifically for winning and dealing massive damage, which are used in many games, and players just pick the same thing in every match.

This means it’s hard to see diversity in a match. We see Yuumi, Malphite, Zed, Shaco, Tristana, or Twitch all the time, which can get a little boring. Now Riot Games will not change the mode anymore, but maybe in a few months’ time, it will listen to fans and allow players to play ARURF, not regular URF.