Turret damage in LoL is inconsistent? Why do some players feel this doesn’t make sense?

Players noted a problem in League of Legends. It’s about damage dealt to turrets.

Towers on the map are extremely important in every game. The rules of the game can be simplified to the point that one of the teams has to destroy the opponent’s towers to get to their base, and then deal with inhibitors and the Nexus. So it’s no surprise that the community would like what influences tower damage to be clearly and understandably written into heroes’ abilities.

Moreover, players believe that attack modifiers should work consistently against each other. And while it seems obvious, it is not actually like that in League of Legends. Fans are surprised that Riot takes a lot of things negligently. How exactly does it look like?

Attack modifiers versus towers

As mentioned above, many players do not understand why certain League of Legends rules is not consistent. Newcomers are often unaware that skill works in a particular way, or they mistakenly assume that if one influences something, another does it as well.

A player with the nickname funwithdespair brought up an interesting topic about attack modifiers that affect tower damage on Summoner’s Rift and Howling Abyss.

The game needs a way to indicate which autoattack modifiers proc on towers. Either that or make them ALL proc on towers. When I started in S2 I thought this was bullshit and I feel the same today all these years later.

Nasus Q? Deals its bonus damage to towers. Okay makes sense. Yorick Q? Alright it works like Nasus Q, cool cool. Darius W? Works the same, neat.

Renekton W? Doesn’t work. Huh? But it just adds extra damage to his AAs, why doesn’t it? The game doesn’t tell me it doesn’t or give a reason and it works in Wild Rift. Maybe it’s because it has an extra effect like a stun? But Trundle can bite them and his bite has an AD drain. Same with Darius who slows. Hell Rengar Q is JUST damage and it does nothing though.

The player did not hide his irritation with the whole situation. Later on, he wrote:

Okay what about Viktor Q beam? Doesn’t hit turret, but okay that’s magic damage, maybe that’s why Jax cant either… But wait a second, Ziggs and Sylas can hit towers with their magic damage passives.

It’s such an utter mess and its been a problem plaguing the game since the very start. Yes, you can go ahead and say it’s a “skill issue” but adding some sort of text indicators is a simple QoL fix that makes the game much less obtuse to get into.

The commentators admitted that the player drew attention to a very interesting topic. One person noted, however, that it would be very difficult to fix, because if all of these skills were applied to towers, it would be virtually impossible to balance the game. However, it does not change the fact that in LoL some information could be better explained.

this is actually a great post.

Clarity would be nice. Even something as simple as a term for tooltips like “Structure Damaging” that certain abilities can get.

Will there come a day when Riot tries to redesign the champions’ abilities to make the effects consistent with each other? Many players believe it shouldn’t be counted on, because it is simply impossible. However, fans hope that over time the developers will be more specific in explaining why a skill works the way it does.