A player just got 1000 RP from Riot for free after writing to one employee. Special occasion

One of the LoL players shared his story, which ended up with free 1000 RP.

Surely every League of Legends player would like to get free RP. Now the player with the nickname “JordxnK” has succeeded. An hour ago, he added a Reddit entry saying how he managed to get a pretty cool gift directly from Riot.

It would seem that such things do not happen. Now “Riot Emizery” will probably have tons of friend requests. In any case, the player found out his exact name and invited him to friends, wrote a simple message, and could enjoy free RP.

1000 RP, ward, and an item for Valorant

The whole story is very simple.

I sent a friend request to see if it would be accepted. To my surprise, he accepted, and I sent him a message. I greeted politely and asked if I could get a Riot pendant in Valorant because it’s my birthday.

Here we will only explain that this is a special type of pendant, given strictly by Rioters. Writing to them in Valorant is quite a common practice.

In addition to the pendant, Rioter also presented the player with skins for a ward in LoL and 1000RP. It’s a pretty cool thing, but incredibly rare. Don’t count on the fact that writing to Rioters will always end this way.

It is worth mentioning that this ward is not so ordinary – you can still buy it at auctions. The original topic will probably disappear from Reddit in some time, because it will cause too much noise around the topic, which will cause others to write to Rioters with information about the birthday, but so far the whole thing is still available.