This LoL player was way too serious about buying Control Wards

A video has appeared on the web that features a huge fan of Control Wards.

Probably every League of Legends player has heard advice on buying Totems and taking care of the vision at least once. Of course, proper map control is very important, and there is no doubt about that.

However, some LoL fans have somewhat misunderstood the tips in the tutorials. A great example is the hero of today’s video, who apparently believed that buying massively the Control Wards would win him a game.

The greatest Control Ward fan

A user with the nickname Drakavoid23 posted a short video that shows sped-up footage of a Summoner’s Rift match. It shows a fragment of the upper lane, and in the center of the screen is a bush on a river.

The video does not show spectacular fights, pentakills, or risky thefts of a dragon. It’s about a vision in the bush mentioned earlier.

Control Ward, set up by Aatrox from the red team, appears there almost every now and then. Even though the Totem is destroyed after a while, the Champion consistently buys another one and puts it in the same place.


As to be expected, there were a lot of funny comments under the video. The players joked in different ways or guessed what happened to the protagonist of the video that he defended the bushes along his line so fiercely.

he took “buy more control wards” to heart

what happened to him before…?

Trauma, lots of traumas.

This man clearly had no plan to ever leave his line.

There were also those who approached the subject seriously and calculated how much gold the hero of the recording lost.

So he’s out 450 gold and olaf is up 180. He’s lost a kill and a half here while olaf has gained a tower plate.

Don’t just spam control wards here like that if you can’t easily defend them. Dont just aimlessly buy and place control wards. They are expensive and give gold to the enemy.