When can LoL players expect clash tournaments in April 2022? Exact dates

Dates of clash tournaments in April 2022.

As every month, in April 2022 there will also be several clash tournaments. Therefore, players will once again be able to compete with their teams for valuable prizes.

The developers have planned this event over two weekends, the first of which will be available soon and the option to create teams is now available.

Clash for the Piltover Cup

For several years now, League of Legends players, apart from normals and rankeds, can create their own teams and start their first adventure with esports. The tool for creating squads and playing clashes, i.e. 5v5 tournaments on the Summoner’s Rift map, helps with this. Additionally, there are some interesting prizes to be won, including character skins.

In April this year, there will be a total of 4 tournaments on 2 weekends. The first one will start this Saturday and Sunday, i.e. April 16 and 17. Setting up teams is already possible and it is worth looking for people willing to play a little earlier, so as not to leave everything to the last minute.

The third and fourth tournaments are on April 30 and May 1.