Normally, LoL players insult each other in the chat, but those ones are doing so on the stage during official games

Virtually everyone has written something more or less offensive in the chat while playing LoL.

Probably every player of League was so irritated by the game that they could write quite offensive things, or at least wanted to do so. Brazilian players took these emotions into reality and decided to argue a bit during the official games.

Viewers had a bit of a laugh that Riot couldn’t ban them because they didn’t say anything in chat – of course, that doesn’t apply here. Will developers take consequences from this? It is hard to say.

Shouting at each other during the official games

This whole “conversation” was not vulgar, although there were a few curses there. Of course, it is in a foreign language, but at the bottom, you will find the translation.


One of the Reddit users tried to translate everything into English.

Some of you may know, others will find out that screaming like that on stage is one of the main ways to distract your opponents. You don’t see it very often on cameras, but it does happen, and better yet, many people in the past have described it as a very strong side of, for example, Jankos.

He was to scream loud enough that it influenced the concentration of the opponents.