LoL Second Ranked Split rewards, who is the face of ranked queue?

Second ranked split in LoL. What rewards await players?

In less than two weeks, the next Ranked Split for the 2022 season will begin. However, so far players can earn some more interesting prizes for the first part of the season, which is represented by Vex.

As expected, Renata will be next. It is the emotes and icons with her image that players will soon be able to get. What do they look like?

Second Split of 2022

On Saturday, April 23, the first of the three ranking splits in the 2022 season ends, and that’s when the second, represented by Renata, will begin.

So the developers have prepared another set of emotes and icons. They will again be obtainable by playing and earning ranking points and the appropriate rank. This is what they look like:

This is what you need to collect in total to unlock the appropriate rewards:

  • 150 SP
    • Ranked Summoner Icon
  • 250 SP
    • Ranked Emote
  • 500 SP
    • Vex
  • 750 SP
    • Eternals series 1 – capsule