This LoL champion gets a skin after almost 1000 days of waiting

Two League of Legends characters will get skins after hundreds of days of waiting. One of them had to wait almost three years.

Yesterday, several new skins were announced that will hit the game soon. They will be given to Xayah, Rakan, and Miss Fortune, among others. The latter will also receive a prestige edition. In addition to the aforementioned heroes, cosmetic additions will also go to certain champions who have been waiting for any new skin for more than 2 years. These are Nocturne and Cho’Gath.

New skins for Nocturne and Cho’Gath

The developers have released a video showing the effects of the new skins in the game and their splash art. The news of the new skins especially pleased fans of Nocturne and Cho’Gath, as these two have been waiting for new cosmetic additions for a really long time.

In the case of the first of the heroes, the number of the day reaches 1,000, as the last Nocturne skin came out on June 11, 2020. If a new skin had not been announced, the champion would have made it to the “1000-day club.”

The other pending one – Cho’Gath – has not received anything new since January 28, 2021. Although this date seems to have been recent, it has actually been more than 750 days since then. Admittedly, this is not as many as in the case of the aforementioned Nocturne, but nevertheless, fans have been waiting for a long time for a new skin.

Right next to the characters described, the one who are waiting the longest for a skin are:

  • Dr Mundo,
  • Udyr,
  • Aurelion Sol,
  • Skarner,
  • Kalista,
  • Kled,
  • Shyvana.

One can only hope that Riot realizes that there are still characters who have been waiting a really long time for something new.