This League of Legends hero hasn’t received a skin in 1,500 days. His mains don’t even laugh about it anymore

More than 4 years without a new skin in LoL. What is the current record holder when it comes to waiting for a skin?

For years, League of Legends fans have kept a roster of champions who have waited the longest for a skin. Many people know this as the “1,000-day club,” the place where a character goes when he hasn’t received anything for almost 3 years.

Usually, most characters leave the club shortly after they get into it. There are few cases where someone waits another few years – Riot has repeatedly stressed that it wants to return to somewhat forgotten champions from time to time.

However, there are cases in which the number of days waiting for a skin has hit a really huge mark. Just recall the situation of Skarner, who in the past waited for a skin for 2,000 days.

Who is the current record holder in this subject? When was his last skin released?

1500 days without a new skin

It turns out that the current record-holder when it comes to waiting for a new cosmetic add-on is Dr Mundo.

The most recently released skin for Mundo is Frozen Prince. This one appeared in League of Legends on exactly December 6, 2018. More than four years have passed since then. Admittedly, during this time the hero received a full rework, but this does not comfort his fans.

In addition to the aforementioned champion in the club of 1,000 days without a skin there is also Udyr. This one is waiting more than 1,200 days for a skin. Right behind them on the list are:

  • Nocturne – 937 days,
  • Aurelion Sol – 832 days,
  • Fizz – 819 days.

It is worth mentioning the recent promise of the developers – the Rioters announced that in 2023 some of the less popular characters will receive some kind of skin. For the time being, it is known that work is underway on cosmetic additions for Aurelion, Kled, Ivern, and Kalista. You can read more about it in this article – LoL’s forgotten heroes will soon receive new skins – announcement of skins for Kalista, Kled and more