How many League of Legends matches have been played in 2022? It’s hard to believe

How many LoL games took place last year?

It is often said that League of Legends is a game that is starting to die. Some write that fewer and fewer people are playing it, and the fault lies mainly with the developers, who, according to the community, do not respect their fans and are releasing worse and worse content. It is worth mentioning here that even recently Riot scored a huge screw-up with the animation released to celebrate the start of the 2023 season (see: LoL’s worst “cinematic” ever? Even Riot decided to apologize to players and explain).

This reinforced some people’s belief that LoL is a game bound to lose players because even the developers themselves don’t want to make an effort like in previous years. But is it really that hardly anyone plays it anymore and interest in the League is significantly declining? When can it be considered that the game is no longer popular?

Here it is worth noting the number of games played last year. Many titles can only dream of such a result.

LoL games in 2022

Information related to the number of League of Legends games played last year has surfaced online.

Although Riot Games did not reveal the total number of games played, it is estimated that there were about 519 million games played in League. This is a result that many titles can only dream of, as they will never reach such high statistics.

What’s more – the game’s official Instagram account revealed that in 2022 all players had defeated more than one trillion minions.

Statistics show that despite various slip-ups on the part of the developers, League of Legends is still holding up very well in the market. Admittedly, many people will recognize that it’s not the “good old League” and many things have declined over the years, but there’s no denying that a huge number of people hang out on Summoner’s Rift every day and there are fans who can’t imagine a day without at least one game.