Riot August makes dangerous jokes about new LoL jungler. Will he have more than a dozen passives?

One of the Rioters brought up the topic of the upcoming hero to League of Legends.

As is already known, there will be 4 new characters joining LoL. One of them is a Darkin named Naafiri, another is a fiery support Milio, and besides them, there are two champions that have not been talked about too much. For now, it has been revealed that there will be a jungler and a midlaner.

One of the Rioters started joking about the said jungler. Will he be a really complicated champion?

“Hungry jungler” from League of Legends

A couple of days ago there were leaks reporting that one of the newest characters will come from Noxus. What’s more – her theme is to be “Black Castle.” Shortly thereafter, the creators confirmed that there will indeed be such a character, and interestingly enough, he will be a “hungry jungler.”

This is what Lexi “Riot Lexical” Gao said about the new champions:

Somewhere on the horizon we also have a certain hungry jungler and an artistically gifted middle character waiting for us.

At the moment, however, it’s too early to talk about these topics, although we will certainly return to them in future announcements.

The topic of the jungler is back. This time it was written by Riot August, well-known among fans, who more than once joked about the new characters or parodied the statements of the community.

This time August wrote:

Just locked the kit for “hangry jungler”. They’re the champion after Naafiri! Can’t wait 😀

(They’ll have one passive for each ranked game I lose this season)

Of course, Rioter’s statement is a joke alluding to the complaints about the new champions, which according to some, are overcomplicated and made weird forcefully.

Players are guessing who the aforementioned jungler might be. Some are guessing that it will be a heroine known from the Legends of Runeterra card game.

Why exactly Ophelia Noradi (for that is the name of the woman on the right)? According to fans, many things fit perfectly – the heroine comes from Noxus, she deals with blood magic (it fits the “hungry” theme) and her style works well with the concept of “Black Castle”.