This is how fooling around in LoL ends. They wanted to have fun, and accidentally voted the game

A group of players has noticed that their goofing around in LoL has gone a bit too far.

League of Legends connects thousands of people who have different personalities and ideas for the game. Some Riot fans take this title dead seriously. In every game, they are focused and want to give their best. Others are the type of players who prefer to play for fun, sit and relax after work while playing on Summoner’s Rift or Howling Abyss. Among the latter group, there are people who like to joke and goof around.

Some of the jokes in LoL are completely harmless. There are also those that are read as disrespect for the opponent – deliberately prolonging a game that has long been won, dancing over an eliminated enemy, and so on. There are also jokes that are apparently meant to be simply dumb, but it happens that they are the reason for the loss of the game. A certain group of people on ARAM found out about it.

Goofing around on ARAM

A player with the nickname Fish_Smell_Bad shared a short video with the community. At first, it is not entirely clear what the author wanted to convey, because the action gets going quickly and you can see how the blue team is taking the pentakill.

The recording doesn’t stop there, however, as penta isn’t the main subject of the clip. Blue team players push and after a while, they are near the enemy Nexus.

At some point, someone starts a vote to surrender the game for laughs. Players immediately click “yes” thinking it was just an innocent joke and that the rest of the team would probably dismiss the stupid idea. Here is the effect:


As you can see, almost everyone in the blue team decided that they would joke and vote to surrender the game. These types of jokes are nothing new in LoL. Almost every player has had a situation in which someone ironically wrote that he must surrender, despite the fact that he literally won a pentakill or has 10 kills advantage over his opponent. Typically, such votes as a joke are quickly rejected and most players choose “no”.

In the situation outlined above, apparently, everyone thought that he would be the one player to make a joke and vote to submit.

Commentators wrote that watching it caused strange discomfort.

Imagine the last guy who voted “no” lost 10 games before and hoped to end his losing streak in this match.

Something like this happened to me during RANKED! It was really fun.

While losing ARAM doesn’t hurt that much, and many people play it for fun, not for score, joking about giving up in ranked games can be more serious. So it’s worth remembering that some innocent jokes can lead to a loss quite quickly.