He had been training this weirdest combo in LoL for a few days, until the moment finally came

One player decided to test a very specific combination of ultimate skills in the Ultimate Spellbook mode.

The final rotation mode that will be available in League of Legends in 2021 is the Ultimate Spellbook. Players can have fun on Summoner’s Rift and create ever weirder ultimate combinations. What can come out of it is often surprising and looks really interesting. So it’s no surprise that many people have chosen to record their games to present them to the rest of the community.

One fan decided that they would capture a very spectacular combination of ults. He played a lot of games to get it. Fortunately, he finally succeeded, and the clip quickly became popular. What exactly happened on it?

Deadly Skarner from LoL

What is an Ultimate Spellbook? Briefly: players can randomize the ultimate abilities of heroes other than the ones they picked in the lobby. After starting the game, each player has a choice of three ults to add to their skill bar (in place of their summoner spell). As you can guess – such a solution gives a lot of possibilities and often results in incredibly spectacular actions.

About 3 weeks ago, one of the players presented a video on Reddit in which he literally kidnaps opponents from under their tower. All this thanks to Akshan with Skarner’s ult. It was then that the players proposed a spectacular combination of another champion’s ult with Skarner.

There were several suggestions. Nocturne, Yone, and even Yuumi. The author of today’s recording – Kiplacon – however, chose something else. Since then, he has played a lot of Ultimate Spellbook just to hit that dream combination. Which one exactly? Skarner and Ekko’s ults.

Some people probably already imagine what such a combination could look like. Here is what it looks like in practice:


The video presented above quickly gained great popularity. It’s fair to say that the current Rotation Mode has made many players remember about Skarner and love his abilities.