The Twitch streamer has installed more than 100 modifications to LoL

The streamer installed 100 mods in LoL, which caused massive chaos.

League of Legends has been around for more than 13 years. Although the game is changing every year, some people may be bored with Riot’s production. However, there are ways to spice up the gameplay.

One streamer decided to change character sounds. After installing 100 mods, the chaos started, but the most important thing is that his viewers had fun. As did the streamer himself..

League of Chaos

The Twitch community varies from channel to channel, but most viewers have one thing in common – they like when things are happening. As such, there’s nothing better than the combination of League and the chaos that ensues when different and often strange or even cringe-inducing sounds are mixed together.

This was found out by Dumbs, who decided to install “several” modifications that changed the voices made by characters and their abilities. Interestingly, the main game the audience played was guessing which character was making such noises.



As you can see, some streamers find interesting and undemanding ways to spice up their gameplay and streaming. All it takes is installing a few modifications and viewers will have fun. It also shows that League has the potential for mods that don’t interfere with gameplay, which is key.