Riot has inadvertently released new splash art of Ahri from LoL. What does the new version look like?

What does the splash art of the revamped Ahri look like in League of Legends?

The vixen with 9 tails is one of the older characters in the League of Legends world. She has accompanied players for many years and is eagerly the favorite hero of mainly Japanese culture fans.

Such great seniority has not only benefits but also side effects. One of them is the outdated appearance, mismatched to today’s standards. A while back the developers announced its rework, and now a reimagined splash art has leaked.

Ahri’s new splash art

On the main profile of League of Legends United Kingdom, there was a post with the publication of a new background for Ahri. It was quickly removed, but what made its way to the Internet does not easily disappear from it. So this is what her new portrait looks like in the standard version:

The differences are not very noticeable at first glance. The main thing that has changed is her outfit, to which a few new elements have been added. The perspective has also received a noticeable change. This is how the old, or still present splash art, looks:

Players of the mobile version of LoL, or Wild Rift, have probably noticed that the “novelty” is surprisingly similar to the version available on cell phones. That’s just the way it is, and their eyes are not mistaken. This is how Ahri looks on mobile:

Still, some elements are different. Some in the comments even suggest that the new splash is a combination of the old one and the one from Wild Rift.