One of LoL’s rotating modes has returned to PBE. Unfortunately, it is not the Nexus Blitz that players have been asking for

One of the very famous rotating modes from League of Legends has appeared on the test server.

Yesterday, an article was published about LoL players being outraged at Riot for not only failing to bring back the Nexus Blitz mode (which it promised some time ago) but also ignoring the community’s complaints, explaining it later in a rather unsatisfactory manner (see: Riot adds fuel to the fire and responds to LoL players who are angry about the non-return of the Nexus Blitz).

Some believed that since the Nexus Blitz could not be brought back now, perhaps the mode would appear in the game in early 2023.

On PBE, you can already get a sneak peek at what mode is currently being tested, and as a result, it will most likely appear at the next live server event. Unfortunately, again, it is not Nexus Blitz.

ARURF returns to PBE

News has surfaced online that another rotation mode has been added to the League of Legends test server. This time ARURF, or URF, during which random heroes are played, will return.

Some players make no secret of the fact that they are not particularly happy about this. One can come across a lot of opinions that rotating modes on Summoner’s Rift simply bore and the LoL community would like something else, not only the aforementioned Nexus Blitz but also older modes such as Elevation or PvE gameplay.

Players have pointed out something else. It turns out that there are some problems with the training tool on the PBE server, which Riot neither fixes nor comments on.

The community is concerned by the fact that developers are commenting less and less on issues. One staff member recently claimed that spamming to Rioters won’t do anything, as they will only report what is 100% certain. It goes without explaining why many people were outraged by these words.

Fans of League of Legends are still hoping that maybe things will still change. However, there are also those who believe that there is no point in believing in the words of the developers of this game, as they have repeatedly shown that they do not keep their promises.