Riot adds fuel to the fire and responds to LoL players who are angry about the non-return of the Nexus Blitz

The developers of League of Legends have once again failed to keep their word. Players were outraged, and in return, they got hardly satisfactory explanations.

Many LoL fans were sincerely hoping for the Nexus Blitz mode to return to the game at the end of 2022. This type of gameplay has a group of many devoted fans who appreciate it because of the completely different map, which is a great break from the modes played on Summoner’s Rift.

There are even those who believe that Nexus Blitz should be brought back permanently and take the place of Twisted Treeline, which was removed some time ago.

Today it is already known that the mode will not return in December, meaning that promises to bring it back at the end of the year have not been kept. Players do not hide their irritation. What does Riot say about this?

Rioters’ new explanations

Riot made it clear that it wanted to bring back the Nexus Blitz later this year. Not surprisingly, quite a few people believed this and were looking forward to the final 2022 event.

When it became apparent that the mode would not be there after all, and that refreshed ARAMs were to be the attraction at the event, fans flooded the developers with questions and comments showing their dissatisfaction. It was also alleged that the Rioters are not communicating with the community and are trying to sweep the issue under the rug.

Riot EarthSlug spoke out on the matter, stating that the developers have begun to keep quiet about future plans because they don’t want to promise something that can’t be fulfilled later. Not surprisingly, many players became even more outraged.

To anyone wondering why Rioters are quiet on future plans despite constantly being asked.

We don’t want to promise something that may get changed. We only want to talk about something that is 100% going to happen. Spamming us for more info won’t help & it won’t change roadmaps.

In the comments, players wrote that it was shameful for such a large company to keep deceiving players, throwing words to the wind, and changing narratives to somehow explain themselves.

Not only League of Legends, but also other games from the studio were commented on. One commenter wrote:

I mean, Rioters seems to do sh*t for work.

Nexus Blitz był obiecany na 2022 rok, ale nie wrócił.

In Valorant agents are so much in need of nerfs/buffs but nothing happened for a year and half, when it came to only number changes.

League is having more bugs, even in Pro scene, especially at Worlds and MSI.

So f*cking embarrassing, when LoL is the most famous eSports of all, and Riot refuse to fix anything coz it doesn’t bring revenue.

Not talking about the sh*tty Rioters out there too.

So far, the aforementioned Rioter has not responded to any comment on the matter.