The current modes in LoL bore players. Why would a roguelike PVE solve this problem?

Some League of Legends fans believe that the game needs a roguelike mode. Why could it be a huge hit?

The event that just ended, Steel Valkyries, did not please a huge part of the community. Players found it simply boring, as once again Riot added the Ultimate Spellbook to the game. The constant repetition of this mode alternating with URFs or One for All has slowly made fans bored and they don’t feel that the events are anything fun.

The community feels that League of Legends needs a roguelike mode. Why would such a solution fix the cycle of repetitive events and boring passes?

The mode that LoL needs

There’s no denying that League of Legends needs some breath of fresh air when it comes to rotating modes. The constant appearance of URF or One for All started to annoy players. The community felt that Riot wasn’t making an effort with the modes like it used to. Fans were yearning for Definitely Not Dominion, Ascension, Hunt of the Blood Moon, or PvE modes.

As for gameplay against bots, i.e. Doom Bots, Invasion, or Odyssey: Extraction, for example, Riot admitted some time ago that it would not be making more modes of this type. The developers’ explanation was that PvE gameplay is quickly losing player interest, and LoL is a title that simply doesn’t fit this type of play (see: Riot honestly about PvE modes in League of Legends – “This is not a game for this type of content”).

Players, however, have a very different opinion about this. They claim that Riot simply created PvE modes badly, which is why these modes got boring rather quickly. Fans are convinced that if the developers had supported such modes, developed them and created additional content for them (such as for TFT) then the interest of the community would have been much higher.

Modes such as Invasion or Odyssey: Extraction have proven that a game can offer interesting gameplay, but it cannot be left without variety, as this one will actually start to become repetitive and unexciting. It’s also not about Riot creating new maps or completely different modes every now and then for each event. Players believe that introducing an element of randomness into PvE games would help the matter a lot.

Rogelike games are played by many people dozens or even hundreds of times, and yet fans do not feel bored and still have the desire to return to them. The whole magic of this type of gameplay lies in its randomness – each approach is different from the previous one.

How could this be transferred to League of Legends? Fans suggest that PvE modes could have random elements, such as variable skill boosts (the pool would be slightly different each time), different pools of available items, differences in the attacks of final bosses, or various passive effects that would affect the player.

These types of additions can really be invented, and they are also not so complicated as to require an exorbitant amount of work – especially since a lot of things have already been created and just need to be refreshed.

Some also say that PvE modes could have their own cosmetic additions, similar to those in TFT.

Some believe that the roguelike mode in League of Legends would become incredibly popular because it would approach this kind of gameplay in a slightly different way. And on top of that, you would be able to play your favorite characters from “normal” LoL there.

Unfortunately, there is a fairly small chance that Riot will return to creating PvE modes, let alone one that would be regularly supported and varied. However, this does not change the fact that many fans dream about it all the time and hope that their dream will finally come true.