The continuation of a brilliant series of skins that will never make it to LoL. It’s also not in Wild Rift

Several new skins have recently arrived in one of Riot’s games. Players are sad that they will not see them in League of Legends.

Legends of Runeterra is a card game developed by Riot Games. The title is distinguished by a huge number of elaborate graphics, which depict not only the heroes known from Summoner’s Rift but also other inhabitants of Runeterra, including magical animals that can be found in various regions.

The card game also stands out because it features a unique series of skins that are not available in any other Riot game. Last year, we also saw the release of an exclusive heroine – Norra, owner of Yuumi (see: Riot introduced a new heroine – Norra, the owner of Yuumi. Unfortunately, this one will not go to League of Legends).

According to many, LoR has something else that other titles developed by Riot Games do not have. It is about the brilliant Corrupted series, which features many interesting skins.

New skins from the Corrupted series

The Corrupted series is not a new line of skins. Previously, skins with this theme were given to Zoe, Diana, Leona, and Taric, among others. As soon as the graphics of the skins appeared on the Internet, many players considered it one of the more interesting series associated with League of Legends.

Unfortunately, fans of LoL or Wild Rift had to forget about them, as the Corrupted theme was only available in the card game. Over time, it became apparent that Riot wants to expand this universe and is releasing new skins, this time for Azir, Xerath, Nasus, and Renekton.

Each of them has different versions of splash art, as it happens in LoR – the heroes advance, and then their graphics change.

This is what the aforementioned skins look like. Many players think they are as great as the previous part of the series.

Corrupted Azir

Corrupted Nasus

Corrupted Xerath

Corrupted Renekton 

The skins are linked with the current pass in LoR, which ends in about 15 days. The rewards include fragments of Aatrox, Nasus, or Kindred, emoticons, icons, and quite a few chests.