Riot will be removing inactive accounts from LoL and more. Everything you need to know about it

League of Legends developers announce that they will delete accounts that have not been active for a long time.

League of Legends is a game that has been on the market since 2009. Over the years, LoL accounts have been created by millions of players from around the world. Many of them stopped playing after a while, others forgot their login credentials or for other reasons created another account and never re-entered the previous one.

It’s fair to assume that there are thousands of abandoned accounts that have not been played on in the last few years. Riot wants to do something about it.

Removal of inactive accounts

On the official website of Riot Games, there was information that the creators of League of Legends want to remove accounts that have been inactive for years. It explains exactly what accounts are considered abandoned and will be seen as account for deletion.

People go AFK, we get it. But sometimes they never come back. We use your data to improve your experience, and if you don’t need it, we don’t either. We’re committed to only keeping data around for as long as necessary, and this means removing accounts that both haven’t been active in a while and never did much to begin with (e.g., never bought anything, played many games, unlocked much content, etc). We want to respect player’s decisions and privacy by removing their data. We welcome these players back at any time and invite them to create a new Riot Games account whenever they are ready.

What is an inactive account?

A Riot Games account is considered inactive if you have not logged in for more than three years to play any of the company’s games or access content from the developers’ websites.

That means that even if you haven’t played a game in a while or logged into a game client, your account will still be active if you’ve logged into any of our web properties such as,,,,, etc.

What inactive accounts will be deleted?

We have adopted a very conservative policy for determining which inactive accounts are being terminated. Accounts must meet all of the following criteria in order to be considered eligible for deletion as a result of inactivity.

  • Account is inactive (see Definition above)

  • Account did not purchase any game currency in its lifetime

  • Account did not receive any game currency in its lifetime

  • Account has played fewer than 20 hours 

  • Account does not own any rare limited edition game entitlements

As you can see, our policy is very specific and will not apply to most of our players. This inactive account deletion process will run on an ongoing basis.

Will I be notified if my account is subject to deletion?

Absolutely! If your account has been marked for deletion due to inactivity, you will receive an email at the email address we have on file for your account. You will not be able to log into any of our games, applications or web properties with the exception of 

How can I prevent my account from being deleted?

We will begin enforcing this new inactive account deletion policy over the next few months. If you receive an email about your account being subject to deletion due to inactivity, you can visit Player Support, login to your account, and follow the instructions to opt-out of the account deletion!