Everything that is known about the upcoming Darkin to League of Legends

What might the upcoming League of Legends Darkin look like?

The Darkin are gods of war who are currently trapped in weapons and unable to regain their original Ascended forms. League of Legends fans love this concept and have been asking the developers for a long time to bring another champion to the game, which will be related to the race in question. At the moment, there are only three of its representatives in the game – Aatrox, Varus, and Rhaast – Kayn’s weapon.

In the last movie in the LoL Pls series, the designers shared their plans for not only pre-season changes or updated characters, but also heroes who are yet to be added to League. Among others, there was talk of a new tank from the Shurima region and the Darkin. What is known about him at the moment?

Another Darkin in LoL

In its videos, Riot announces the next heroes in a very specific way. In the original English version, you can usually find a lot of word games that can direct players to what can characterize the champion in question. Reav3 – the leader of the hero creation team at Riot Games showed the weapon that will enchant the next Darkin released and announced that it will be an assassin.

Fans pointed out that the designer said many words that suggest that the hero will be related to the dog.

One of the things the League community hounds me about constantly is wanting to see more Darkin champions.

Darkin fans are like, “Throw me a frickin’ bone here!

And believe you me, I’m right there with you, barkin’ for some Darkin.

Rioter uses the word hounds instead of haunts – because it sounds very similar. In addition, he talks about throwing bones or barking.

It is worth remembering that the Darkin in the past were Ascended as, for example, Nasus and Renekton, who took on animal traits. It is unlikely, however, that the protagonist will simply be a Darkin version of Nasus.

Rioter used the no longer used form of “believe me” – “believe you me”, which, when reading, may indicate one of LoL’s heroines – Yuumi, who is, in a way, the opposite of the dog we are talking about.

Riot is known to be working on a monster hero to suit this champion. The fact that a dog-monster will enter League and will fight with a dagger can be confirmed by words that suggest that it is not a human who has acquired the weapon in which the Darkin is imprisoned.

And as to who… or WHAT got ahold of these daggers… well, you’ll just have to wait and find out.

At the very beginning of the story about the discussed champion, Rioter also mentioned death, which may suggest that the champion will somehow be able to avoid it. All the information gathered above is just a guess, and it remains to be seen who the hero heading for League of Legends is. This will only take place after the next Ixital character is presented, because, as Riot writes, Darkin requires a bit more time.