Ninja summed up the majority of LoL players based on him. He loves and hates this game

A well-known streamer spoke about the MOBA from Riot. His feelings are very mixed.

League of Legends players often complain about Riot’s title. This is not just about the changes they introduce, but about the game itself as it has existed from the beginning. Added to this is the fact that the community is famous for its toxicity.

This time the famous American streamer Ninja explored the subject. He described his relationship with the game on Twitter and probably most players agree with him.

Ninja about LoL

The “hate-love” relationship is something the League players know very well. Many of them quit the game, then come back after a few months and start their adventure again. This happens quite often, and fans will say they hate this game, but they still play it because they love some of its elements. Richard Tyler Blevins, better known as “Ninja”, says exactly the same. Although hks peak of popularity is long gone, he is still watched by an average of around 9,000 people.

Now there was a buzz around him when he summarized LoL fans on his Twitter. Of course, he did this in relation to himself, but many players agree with him.

Despite the fact that the community is toxic and the game has its downsides, there is still something that has kept players close to it for over 12 years.