Riot repaired one of the more serious bugs that recently affected LoL

League of Legends turrets have been fixed. One of the Rioters writes about it.

League of Legends has had a lot of problems recently. When most players write about broken missions and progress in the Star Guardian Pass, the gameplay is affected by some serious bugs, which were also discussed a lot on the web. This includes a bug that affected turrets on Summoner’s Rift. What exactly happened?

LoL tower bug

Vandiril – A player and content creator known to post videos of bugs encountered in League of Legends, posted a short clip showing that turrets were not increasing their damage properly (One of the key things about LoL has been bugged for a week, and Riot doesn’t do anything about it).

Towers in League of Legends deal more damage to the champion with each successive hit, up to a maximum of 120% bonus damage.

Damage dealt by turrets increases by 40% with each hit, up to a maximum of 120% additional damage. The effect resets three seconds after the last hit to the champion, but does not reset when switching targets.

It is not hard to guess that too low turret damage can significantly affect the gameplay. Even though the bug has already been eliminated, it has already appeared on the professional scene.

The reduced damage turret bug was fixed and pushed to the 12.14/12.15 tournament realms and the live server earlier today.

Even if the bug might have changed the course of the professional game, as suggested by the users commenting on it, matches that have already taken place are unlikely to be replayed.