One of the key things about LoL has been bugged for a week, and Riot doesn’t do anything about it

The League of Legends community has noted that turrets are not working properly on Summoner’s Rift.

Winning in LoL is influenced by many factors – players’ skills and team composition, teamwork, taking care of objectives on the map, and many other factors are equally important. It’s hard to imagine the gameplay if one of the elements suddenly stopped working or worked in a broken way.

Unfortunately, one bug has been appearing in the game for a few days, which can have a significant impact on the gameplay, both ordinary and professional. Gamers are concerned and are surprised that Riot has not responded to it yet. What is it actually about?

Bugged turrets in LoL

Various posts have appeared on the internet related to the latest Summoner’s Rift tower bug. The well-known YouTuber Vandiril also mentioned it. Even though the glitch has been around for a few days, Riot doesn’t really care about it, which makes the community even more surprised. One of the players wrote:

Turrets have been bugged for around 8+ days and doing less damage than they are supposed to, and it has already affected pro play as well

In one of his posts, Vandiril shows how the turrets are bugged and don’t ramp up their damage correctly after the first 2 shots ( only increase damage up to 40% once instead of the possible 120%). It has also affected pro play as well, as we see in his post with theshy and his solo kill on summit.

No idea if it’s fixed yet or not but still this is crazy and with each passing weekend riot ruins the competitive integrity more and more, the client doesn’t work, their ‘event’ doesn’t work, yet there will be a new champion coming out by worlds. Just an indie game company.

This is how the described error looks in practice:


It is worth recalling that just a few days ago, Riot was criticized for another bug that spoiled the professional game. The players do not hide their irritation and think that what is happening in League of Legends recently is really outrageous.