After 8 years, Riot shut down the tool that was used by a whole lot of LoL players

8 years of creation have been thrown into the trash. However, this is not particularly surprising.

Riot sometimes closes down all sorts of fan projects that might be somehow damaging to League of Legends itself. In recent years, it has happened very rarely and you can count these types of cases on fingers of one hand.

Now it has happened again. One of the creators of the popular tool got the so-called “cease and desist”, and as a result of which he had to completely abandon his project, which, according to Riot, infringed on copyright.

What has been shut down?

You probably know any projects aimed at restoring the old LoL. It was something like that. League Sandbox is a tool that allows you to connect to the League of Legends server with version 4.20.

Patch 4.20 was released in 2015. The idea was to be able to play old LoL. The interest around the project was really big, because after all, there were proposals to create LoL Classic more than once or twice.

League Sandbox, although attracted a lot of interest, did not work very well. There was a lack of basic skills, and mechanics, but apparently after 8 years of development someone in Riot saw the potential for something that could somehow harm LoL itself.

The project had its own community and not too many players. The size of the community was not a factor here and it seems that the popularity and recognition of the project have become a problem. Virtually everyone who was somehow interested in the subject of returning to the old LoL knew about it.