Players’ negative opinions on the honor system from League of Legends. What’s wrong with it?

What simple change could improve the Honor system in League of Legends?

The honor system in League of Legends was introduced a long time ago, and its first iteration is significantly different from what players can find in the game today. Leveling up Honor is not an easy task and fans would like to proudly show off what they have achieved in this regard.

However, they do not have this option, and for this reason, the post that calls to make changes has garnered a lot of support.

The problem of the honor system in LoL

When Riot introduced the honor system to League in 2012, they wanted to reward players who weren’t toxic and disruptive to their team for good behavior. The rewards that can be obtained at the moment include, among others, special chests and flares that are displayed when loading a match.

However, many fans of the game do not pay attention to the above elements. They want something to show their honor level on the profile. Riot had a great opportunity to introduce this feature when it was announced that players would be able to personalize their profiles much better, but eventually, this was abandoned (A year ago, Riot praised this solution, which was to enter LoL. Now it has been abandoned).

A user with the nickname Neither_Amount3911 started the discussion by asking what is the point of showing your Honor level on your profile if other players can’t see it anyway. He mentioned that this is nothing significant, however, he thinks the Honor section that can be found next to the displayed rank is unnecessary.

It’s a minor thing obviously but i hate design choices like this lol. every profile you visit will have an empty tab for honor for absolutely no reason, what was the point in adding it in the first place?

Commentators agreed with the author of the post and shared their thoughts as well.

They absolutely should be displayed publicly. If someone is super honorable you should know, and if they’re dishonorable you should know. That kind of peer pressure is unironically one of the best incentives to behave well. Whether or not Riot’s current system actually promotes honorable play is something else, but it not being displayed is an ANTI-INCENTIVE to behave well.

Discussions like this are very important to League and can have a big impact on what ultimately happens to a feature. Rioters follow players’ entries and often answer their questions or requests.